Top 5 most helpful posts of 2020 [Digest]

Thank-you, my readers, for another amazing year! And what a challenging year 2020 was!

My posts dedicated to piano studio solutions for COVID-19 were by far my most visited. But I’ve already focused on those (here).

The post that teachers discovered with online searches was Online piano lesson ideas for Beginner and Elementary students: Idea bank. It’s a launchpad post and teachers have returned again and again! I’m so glad my ideas are working for you!

In this 2020 countdown I’ll focus on my top 5 pedagogical posts! If you’re new to my blog and want a quick introduction to my most popular posts, or if you were busy at times through the year and missed some of these, here they are!

5. Ear training Interval Dash, off-the-bench teaching strategy [Printables]

Looking for a multi-sensory, spatial way to teach and review intervals by ear? Interval Dash works with any piano program and is fun in group or private lessons (or even online)! This can be taught one interval at a time, or several at a time, and can be made as a small hand-held craft or printed as a life-sized hopscotch! Keep reading >>

4. 6 reasons the cajón box drum is better than a metronome in piano lessons

How many of your students actually like playing with a metronome? Here’s a brilliant way to teach kids to play with a steady beat and along with any external beat — using the cajón. This article covers six ways the cajón outperforms the metronome in piano lessons, plus two bonus reasons you’ll want to keep your metronome. Keep reading >>

3. Piano finger numbers! Teach and review with beginners [Online or in person]

Have your beginners ever mixed up their finger numbers? This is for you! Here’s a two-post series/ The first post is an intro for teachers, the second is to be shared directly with your in-person and online students. This all-new approach to finger numbers is multi-sensory, fun and easy for kids to remember! Keep reading >>

2. 5 ways piano teachers break students’ hearts

As teachers, it’s important to reflect on our experiences both as former students and current educators. We have been under the influence of mentors and are now mentors, ourselves. Here are five ways piano teachers disappoint students and break their musical hearts. If you’ve experienced them yourself or recognize any of them in your own teaching, you’ll learn that there’s time to reinvent and mend broken hearts. Keep reading >>

1. Piano play-along duets for families at home: Heart and Soul [Teacher intro]

Teachers online and in-studio have been turning to this 10-part blog series in droves, not only to teach the Heart and Soul duet parts, but also to cover the Primary Chords, how to Transpose, Relative Minors, as well as how to Improvise and Compose. It’s the ultimate pick-me-up number and gateway to all kinds of hands-on keyboard harmony! What are you waiting for!? Keep reading >>

2020 shop bestsellers!

Print books are still my bestsellers, but this year saw a marked uptick in international eSheet and eBook sales!

Top 3 Print Books

#3 Rock That Train print book

Jazz, blues, rock and expressive pop piano for Late Elementary to Early Intermediate piano.

#2 The Color Collection print book

Multiple styles from impressionist to jazz and blues for Early to Late Intermediate piano.

#1 Old MacDonald had the Blues print book

Traditional tunes with a popular twist for Late Elementary to Early Intermediate piano.

Top 3 eSheets

#3 Elvis Presley, How About a Date? eSheet

Popular/Rock piano solo with traditional words for Elementary, Level 1.

Listen to Elvis Presley, How About a Date!

#2 Imagine a Prelude eSheet

Bach’s Prelude in C reimagined in an expressive popular style for Late Intermediate, Level 6. Ideal for teens!

Listen to Imagine a Prelude!

#1 Over the Moon eSheet

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata reimagined for Late Intermediate, Level 6. Ideal for teens!

Listen to Over the Moon!

Top 3 eBooks

#3 Jolly Pachelbel (Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Pachelbel’s Canon) eBook

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Pachelbel’s Canon, arranged together with a teacher duet. Early Elementary (pre-staff and early staff options).

#2 Rock the Boat eBook

Popular styles in easy notation for Early Elementary piano, with optional duets.

#1 Old MacDonald had the Blues eBook

Traditional tunes with a popular twist for Late Elementary to Early Intermediate piano.

Add more joy to your teaching! My music is written with love for you and your students! ❤ Check out my shop, here!

I can’t wait for 2021 and how we can work together to make piano lessons awesome!

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Video of the Week

Rock Around the Block (Elementary, Prep B), a rock number with lots of dancing energy! From the print and eBook Rock this Town, 11 Elementary piano works, solos and duets that develop expressive playing and rhythmic drive! Or, check out the studio-licensed Rock Around the Block eSheet!

Listen to Rock Around the Block on YouTube!

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