Rebekah Maxner’s Piano@Play Top Content of 2022 [Digest]

Thank-you, my dear readers, for joining me for my fourth and best year of blogging (so far)! Your continued support means the world to me!

Top 5 Blog Posts!

In this 2022 countdown, here are the top five blog posts of the year!

Are you new to my blog?

Do you want a quick introduction to my most popular material?

Or, have you been busy at times through the year and missed some of these?

Here they are!

5. Need an alternative to sight reading? YOYO boosts staff reading (and students will actually do it)

Is your piano student struggling to read music? Does your student find sight reading frustrating? Do you want your student to read with more flow? Need ideas on how to lower the stress surrounding sight reading? YOYO stands for “You’re On Your Own.” Find out how I’ve helped my students to read with fluency! Keep reading >>

4. Piano Studio business claims: Home expenses, work expenses and industry codes, oh my!

When you file your income tax, are you claiming everything you can? Reduce the amount of tax you owe and keep more of the money you earn. Find out about claiming home expenses, work expenses, industry codes and more! Keep reading >>

3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Part I: The ultimate guide to this tune in our culture [Printables]

As I started working on this series, nothing prepared me for how deep and wide my search for the Twinkle tune would go. It’s led me with bread crumbs on a 500-year quest along a winding path through countries, over continents, languages and musical styles. It surprised me how completely this tune has permeated the very fabric of western music. Keep reading >> 

2. Piano teachers: The #1 tip to simplify rate raises and make-up lessons

Have you ever needed to increase the fees you charge for piano lessons but agonized over how to make the announcement? Or, have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to organize make-up lessons? There’s one simple solution that has the power to fix both problems. In this post, discover policy terminology that will reframe your rate increases and protect your free time from make-up lessons. Keep reading >>

1. RCM Piano 2022 Celebration Series, 6th Edition [Syllabus Printables]

The RCM’s mission is to develop human potential through music and the arts. As the editors curate the music, it is their hope that it will inspire teachers and students. In this blog post is a free printable of listed repertoire selections. Read about the new series, the composers and the goals of the editors and the president. Keep reading >> 

2022 Connections!

Here are some of the fun professional people (and a cat) I got to work with this year!

In 2022 I took over the national chair of the Young Composer Competition for the CFMTA (Canadian Federation of Music Teacher’s Associations). In the summer, Clementine helped me mail out the certificates and adjudicator’s comments. As a past student winner of the national competition, it is a great honour to give back!

Throughout the year I was invited to give several workshops for teachers and students, and adjudicated festivals in Nova Scotia and Ontario (online!).

Amy Chaplin of Piano Pantry invited me to chat on her podcast. Check out her amazing podcast series!

Olivia Adams invited Martha Hill Duncan, Susan Griesdale and me to speak on her podcast on being Canadian composers!

2022 was a great year for Red Leaf, having published another group collection, Branches, and having attended our first post-pandemic conference! Plus, each December we connect online for a holiday chat!

2022 shop bestsellers!

Top 3 Products

#3 Jolly Pachelbel print and eBook

This is a special arrangement of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, in which the melody of this well-known Christmas classic is matched with a reduction of the equally famous and loved music from Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

“My favourite arrangement to send home for parent/kid duets during the holidays. Fantastic for families who have the tradition of carolling.

“Simple duet parts that even a rusty parent could manage and options for a pre-staff score or an early reader on-staff score for the little one.”

~ Andrea Yau, Toronto

#2 Old MacDonald had the Blues print and eBook

12 familiar tunes arranged in today’s popular styles. The first piano collection I ever published has made it to the top of my seller’s list again this year!

Titles include: Old MacDonald had the Blues, Three Cool Mice, Mary had a Little Jam, Jack and Jill Went up the Beach, Jazz! Goes the Weasel, Hickory Dickory Rock, Jingle Bell Swing, R & B Baby, Hot, Hot Buns, Twinkle, Twinkle Superstar, The Wheels on the Bus go Ragtime, London Bridge is Gettin’ Down.

#1 MaxMusic Piano eSheet Club

Twelve studio-licensed eSheets for one incredibly low price! Get one eSheet delivered to your inbox on the 1st day of each month like a sweet little surprise. 12 titles for the year, delivered one at a time.

“I really appreciate your creativity and wonderful teaching pieces and suggestions.”
~ Diana

“Love your music, thanks for this opportunity to join again this year!”
~ Stephanie

Do you love a good sale?

Visit my shop to get prices you’ll never see again!

I can’t wait for 2023 and how we can work together to make piano lessons awesome!

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Video of the Week

Cold Snap! (Intermediate, Level 4) is a jazzy little number characterized by an infectious Cuban clave rhythm 1-2-3 / 1-2-3 / 1-2 with syncopations and the percussive effect of snapping fingers. The name of the piece is a pun. In cold climates like mine in Canada, there can be ‘cold snaps’ in the winter — periods of time during which the temperature plummets well below the average. Cold Snap! is available as a studio-licensed eSheet!

Listen to Cold Snap! on YouTube!
Listen to a sound sample of Kaleidoscope Colors!

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