Jolly Pachelbel

Piano Duets

9×12 book size, two removable student parts: one pre-staff sheet, and one early staff sheet, B&W, 8 pages. $14.99

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas & Pachelbel’s Canon arranged together

Book includes teacher’s duets and two removable sheets of beginner music, one pre-staff and the other early staff (middle C position).

It’s the most magical time of the year. Fresh white snowflakes swirl outside your window until the whole world looks like a glittering snow globe. Inside, the fire crackles and the house smells like baking and evergreen. And you can hear the most lovely sounds – the oven timer rings to announce that shortbread cookies are ready, tissue paper rustles as presents are wrapped, and Christmas music fills the air with bright excitement.

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Pre-staff student part only, folded sheet music, 9×12, B&W. $3.99

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Early staff student part only, folded sheet music, 9×12, B&W. $3.99

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This is a special arrangement of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, in which the melody of this well-known Christmas classic is matched with a reduction of the equally famous and loved music from Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Beginner students shine with pride as their child-like, jolly little piece transforms into a truly special musical experience. Give your child a Christmas memory that will last.

This Christmas arrangement appeals to piano teachers and their young beginning students. Two versions are included with the Teacher Package, pre-staff (Jolly Pachelbel in F) and early-staff (Jolly Pachelbel in C). The teacher chooses the appropriate arrangement depending on the reading level the student has achieved by the Christmas recital.

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