Notes That Count

Rhythm play for teachers and student private lessons or small group instruction. There are enough cards for six students to simultaneously build individual rhythms.

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Teach and reinforce note values, time signatures and rests.

• 6 whole notes

• 6 dotted-half notes

• 6 half notes

• 12 quarter notes

• 12 eighth notes

• 12 bar lines

• 6 time signature cards (2 each of 2, 3, and 4-quarter time)

• Ideas to get you started on how to use the cards

Each card is sized in proportion to the length of its note, which instills a visual sense of note duration.

The colors of the cards tie in with the verbal Fruit Word strategy, which helps your students learn to hold and count notes.

On the reverse side of each note card is the matching rest.

Compatible with the Notekidds Let’s Explore Piano Program, or any beginner method, and with these companion teaching aids:

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