Christmas and Winter Piano solos, duets, and trios for all levels [Printable]

Here is a whole gift bag's worth of ideas for exciting, motivating repertoire to make the season bright. Music is one of the things that makes the holidays so special; music brings us together, it is something we share with one another and a vital part of the holiday. In this post you'll find Christmas solos, duets, at least one trio, plus wintry music that is versatile and can be played during and after the holidays. ...continue reading →

Piano Student Attendance policies that avoid teacher burnout

To avoid misunderstandings with your studio parents, have a clear policy on student misses. Otherwise a policy grey area might become a policy headache -- which may lead to your own burnout. Be proactive with your schedule: print, define, set up a switch list, offer fill-in lessons and decide if, when and how you will offer make-ups. You’ll require less energy for administration and have more for making music. ...continue reading →

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