Teachers have asked and I have done my best to answer.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you have a question and cannot find the answer here, please contact me.

Ordering from my shop

Are your prices listed in U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars?

Prices and shipping are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD). This means US, UK and EU customers pay less than the listed price. When you pay with your credit card on PayPal, the exchange is automatically calculated, and you will get a nice surprise when you see how little you paid. For Canadians, it means you pay the listed price.

Do you sell wholesale to music stores?

Yes. Music stores should contact Red Leaf Pianoworks directly.

Do you have discounted pricing?

At various times of the year I run discounts and promotions for particular products or events like conferences.

eSheets and eBooks

How does eBook licensing work?

If you have ordered an eBook studio license, please let me know the teacher’s name as you want it to appear on the license. This name will appear at the bottom of every page. This feature is available for eBooks only.

When and how will I receive my eSheets and eBooks?

Some online shops send an instant download link upon purchase. Currently I’m not at the volume of sales to warrant that setup, so I will personally send you an email with your order attached.

I’m usually able to send this within an hour of your order. Sometimes I’m away from my computer and send it as soon as I can. To be on the safe side, I’ve allowed two business days for delivery, but some customers receive their orders within minutes, and most within an hour.

How do I print my eSheets and eBooks?

Please save your file(s) to your computer first to make printing easy. You require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. This is a free program.

Questions on shipping

How is shipping calculated?

Order TotalShipped toShipping cost
Up to 3 booksContinental North America$5.50
4 to 9 booksContinental North America$8.50
10 books or moreContinental North America$10.50

For international orders, I charge the actual cost of shipping and will let you know what it is so you can pay before I ship.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Within North America, a PayPal order sent airmail is in your hands within ten business days. Sometimes the shipping amount you pay does not cover the true shipping cost I pay. When this happens, I choose the ground option. In any case, it is my standard policy to ship the next day.

My poster was rolled when it arrived. How should I prepare it for teaching?

When you receive your poster, keep the plastic sheath on and find a careful way to weigh down the curled edges until it lies flat on its own. Then laminate for durability.

Questions regarding international orders

I live outside North America. How should I order?

For international orders, simply place your order and pay the automatic shipping charge. We will weigh the package and get an estimate of the actual cost, and will send you a link so you can top off the shipping (usually only a few dollars more).

How long will my international order take to arrive?

International orders sent airmail arrive in your hands in ten business days. Orders sent ground can take up to three months. I’m willing to help you choose the option that is best for you.

Questions to do with payments

How secure is my credit card information with PayPal?

PayPal is the most trusted way to pay. As the merchant, I receive notification of your order from PayPal but I never see your sensitive banking information. PayPal is secure.

I would rather pay with my credit card this time. What can I do?

Simply select the credit card option and do not login to PayPal. In the Shopping Cart window you will see two yellow buttons for check-out, one says “check out” and the other says “Check out with PayPal.” To pay with your credit card without using your PayPal account, click on the smaller yellow button. You do not need a PayPal account to check out this way.

Do you accept e-transfer payments? From customers in Canada, yes. Most people prefer the speed and convenience of using the credit card option, but I do accept payment by e-transfer.


I would like to receive more information and updates on your products. Do you provide a monthly newsletter or send information on new products?

As a member of Red Leaf Pianoworks, I contribute to our collective newsletter, and my latest products will be updated there. To receive Red Leaf News, click here. We’d love to send it to your inbox!

Questions on publishing

Do you distribute free music?

Yes, from time to time I offer my blog subscribers free music. If you want free music, follow my blog!

What is your policy on copyright?

I self-publish is because I prefer to keep my copyright. Keeping my copyright means I retain artistic control over my music, and that I commit to keep my books in print. As a self-published composer, I depend on sales to develop new books and to keep my current books in print. I receive no government grants or corporate sponsorships. Thank-you for supporting the arts. Each and every sale is appreciated!

What is your policy on photocopying?

I believe that photocopying a composer’s work is the same as shoplifting. If your conscience will not allow you to shoplift, then it should also stop you from photocopying music. There is one instance where I would allow teachers to photocopy my music, with my written permission. But please read this story first.

The Last Time I Ever Photocopied Music

In my second year of teaching I found the best piece for my student. I photocopied it for her as a favor. The problem was that the composer of the book taught in the adjoining studio. She was so excited to hear us working on her piece that she came through to chat. We heard her coming and slammed the binder shut. Awkward chat. I had the most terrible feeling, and I decided then and there that photocopying was wrong. I asked my student to buy the book (which cost the same as two coffees at the coffee shop) and have not photocopied anything since that day.

Piano teachers work very hard and deserve to be paid. So do composers. Here is the one exception to my policy on photocopying: If you, the piano teacher, have agreed to teach a student for free because they can’t afford piano lessons, and you would like to teach my music to that particular student, but they cannot afford my book, write to me the particulars of your situation and I will give you written permission to photocopy my music for that student. I’ve asked God, himself, to stand over your photocopier.

Talented, creative piano students learn a lot by their teacher’s actions. Teach your creative students that there is a future for them by using printed books (and licensed PDFs) exclusively! You can make a difference.

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