Piano Student Attendance policies that avoid teacher burnout

To avoid misunderstandings with your studio parents, have a clear policy on student misses. Otherwise a policy grey area might become a policy headache -- which may lead to your own burnout. Be proactive with your schedule: print, define, set up a switch list, offer fill-in lessons and decide if, when and how you will offer make-ups. You’ll require less energy for administration and have more for making music. ...continue reading →

Book launch: Rock the Boat for Early Elementary piano students [note/rote/duets]

Rock the Boat is filled to the brim with music students will love. Your Early Elementary students can play the blues, walking bass jazz, boogie patterns, beautiful, sensitive melodies, and catchy, energetic themes that are fun to sing along with. Note and rote options, lots of lyrics and each piece comes with a teacher duet that enhances the student’s musical experience and development. ...continue reading →

Piano Pen Pals - beat the 'solitary-piano-lesson blues' socially [Printables]

Ever want to beat the “solitary-piano-lesson” blues? Here’s a social activity for your studio that’s off the beaten path — pen pal letters! If it's possible, writing and receiving letters is more fun today than ever. It’s motivating for a student to hear from someone their age, writing about practicing the piano and their favourite piece of music. Here’s everything you need to get started. ...continue reading →

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