What does a sleepy turtle have to do with the piano thumb? Or pizza dough, or a baseball diamond or the Millennium Falcon’s boarding ramp? Actually, all of these can help develop magnificent piano thumbs in our students! The thumb is the pillar of the piano hand. It’s not enough to have curved fingers or... Continue Reading →

How did Diana Krall influence "Jazz! Goes the Weasel"? In today's post you're going to find out! Today's focus is on the origins of the music, both the traditional tune and the stylistic inspiration. If you are teaching Jazz! Goes the Weasel to a young piano student, use this post as a resource and pass... Continue Reading →

It’s an exciting day when your piano beginner has learned enough concepts to play (and read!) music that sounds sophisticated. "Jazz! Goes the Weasel" is a fun, quirky piece with break-out moments of pure jazzy joy. It has a perfect balance of music that is simple and attainable and music that challenges. This article is... Continue Reading →

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