Early to Late Elementary Piano repertoire of Rebekah Maxner, listed for ease of choosing

Elementary piano students imagine themselves playing big sounds! For your early-level students you want pieces that give the thrill of playing great music yet teach the basics...and music that can please audiences for performances. I aspire to create music that fulfills student wishes and teachers' requirements. This post comes with a free printable to help make it easy for you to select the very best pieces for your students at the right levels. Keep reading! … continue reading →

Become a music arranger with 'I Love Coffee I Love Tea' and 'Knuckles'! [Part V]

Arranging gives you and your students permission to mix it up! I Love Coffee, I Love Tea’s familiar patterns can inspire your students to try their hand at arranging! They’ll have the chance to make creative decisions, change the order of the tunes, actually change the music in several ways and make it their own! Help them gain confidence being creative at the piano. This blog post comes with several tutorial videos that help them get started! Share it directly with your students! … continue reading →

I Love Coffee, I Love Tea and 'Knuckles' Intro to Circle of Fifths [Part IV]

I Love Coffee, I Love Tea offers an easy way to teach or learn the most powerful chord progression in all styles of music: II - V - I. This blog post is complete with images, a tutorial video and a FREE printable sheet, and is a great way to start any intermediate student on understanding keyboard harmony! Share this post directly with your students to give them a project they can do at home! … … continue reading →

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