MaxMusic Piano eSheet Club

Introducing the MaxMusic Piano eSheet Club!

It’s a monthly surprise package designed specifically to bring more joy to you and your students!

  • Imagine music that’s well-crafted, pedagogically-driven and can be taught by note and rote.
  • Piano music that helps your piano students learn to play expressively and brings little tears to the eyes of listeners in your recital audiences.
  • Imagine music that helps students play rhythmically with jazzy and popular rhythms, music that gets your audiences tapping their toes!

Must-have music!

Piano teachers all know that special moment when we’ve hit on the perfect piece for our student…we’re thrilled to know they’re going to treasure it and practice and grow!

Listen to January’s eSheet, Forever, Ever After on YouTube!

“This is so pretty! I’ll be looking forward to new music from you every month.” ~ Adrienne Alton-Gust, AZ

What would it be like to get a brand new piece of sheet music in your inbox each month that’s specially written to bring more JOY to your studio?

As a MaxMusic Club member you’ll get:

A new, never-before-published eSheet delivered fresh to your inbox each month!

Each eSheet is studio-licensed. Print and teach it to as many of your own students as you want!

You’ll get music that supports your career, from teaching your youngest beginners to your teens and adults, Early Elementary to Late Intermediate.

You’ll be the first to get exclusive access to Rebekah’s YouTube video performance!

Club eSheets so far!

Flat Pop Blues

Flat Pop Blues has the blues scale, ‘blue’ notes, a slow tempo, fun syncopated rhythm and the heavy barrel house blues bass pattern in the duet! And the lyrics are all about having the blues! It’s an intro to the blues for beginners that cleverly avoids the tricky swing!

“Can’t wait for my monthly surprise! Super excited about this, Rebekah! :)” ~ Jennifer Foxx, AZ

Monkey in the Middle

March’s eSheet: Monkey in the Middle!

Monkey in the Middle explores black and white key patterns and hand-over-hand playing. Monkey is invited to play, wonders if he’ll ever win, and then triumphs at the game!

When Puppy has to Stay

February’s eSheet comes with 2 edits: with and without lyrics.

When Puppy has to Stay is about a puppy who has to stay at home and wait, when the rest of the family is away. Your students may sometimes miss special people and want to see them again! This music can help kids feel empathy.

Listen to February’s eSheet, When Puppy has to Stay on YouTube!

“Thank you for this lovely composition!  It is beautiful — I can hardly wait to share it with my students!” ~ Marilyn Loosemore, ON

Join now and save!

Join by May 10th, 2021 to get your membership at a 75% discount!

Join by May 10th, 2021USDCAD
Per month/studio-licensed eSheet$2 USD $2.50 CAD
Membership for the 2021 year$24 USD$30 CAD

That’s a combined savings of $69 USD | $89 CAD over regularly-priced eSheets!

“WOW what a deal…a big thanks Rebekah!!!” ~ Tanis Cowan, ON

Join now for only $2 USD | $2.50 CAD per month

Join Now

This is a subscription club — sign up for the monthly eSheets and pay the one-time subscription. $2 per month = $24 for the year! So easy! ($2.50 CAD per month, $30 for the year.) In PayPal this will first appear as $30 CAD as I’m Canadian. PayPal will automatically convert the equivalent amount to your currency upon payment.

Join AFTER May 10th, 2021USDCND
Per month/studio-licensed eSheet$4 USD$5 CAD
Membership for the 2021 year$48 USD$60 CAD

It’s easy to join!

  • Click the join button and complete the PayPal payment.
  • Next step, fill in your name and email. This is the email address we’ll use to send you the eSheets!
  • There’s also a quick survey asking which levels you teach to help me deliver the best content possible.
  • This sets you up to get all 12 eSheets for the 2021 club membership!

Join Now

Once you’re a member…

  • Your first studio-licensed eSheet will arrive the day you join. The remaining ones will arrive on the first day of each month.
  • Each email will include a private link to that eSheet’s YouTube video performance.
  • Why an annual membership and not month-by-month? Joining for the year makes it possible to give you such a deep discount by saving me admin work and allowing me to compose, instead! 🙂 It’s like a magazine subscription! Sign up for the year and then just have the eSheets delivered to you each month!
  • Joining mid-year? No problem! You’ll still get access to all of the 2021 eSheets!

That feeling when you find the perfect piece for your student? It’s here!

I can’t wait to become part of your studio team!

Join Now

I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

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