Why you need a piano studio Child Protection Policy and Plan [Printables]

Several years ago a piano teacher friend called me in distress, looking for support and advice. During lessons with a male student, she was getting strange vibes. What if you were this teacher? Find out how to design your studio space for both transparency surrounding child safety and your own protection, and print an editable Child Protection Policy and Plan. A must-read for every serious piano teacher. ...continue reading →

4 Cozy self-care tips for piano teachers [fall edition]

Sometimes on piano forums I see teachers reaching out asking questions about difficult situations regarding make-ups, missed lessons, transfer students and more. It's difficult to know how to cope. This post is for you! Here are steps you can take for your own self-care; four proven ways to reduce stress, improve your health, boost your mood and get through your days with more energy. ...continue reading →

'Because of piano I get to...' activity sheet shines light on gratitude [Printables]

Imagine your studio wall decorated by student artwork that focuses on thankfulness and gratitude for the piano! When your students finish this sentence: 'Because of piano, I get to...", you will learn what is most important to them, and what they are glad they get to do because of piano. This FREE printable gives you and your students the opportunity to draw and write about what you love most about piano. ...continue reading →

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