How to Improvise on the piano? Heart and Soul can teach you! [Part VIII]

Improvising gives you and your students permission to play outside the box! Heart and Soul’s familiar patterns can inspire your students to try their hand at improvising! They’ll have the chance to come up with fresh, current and alternative sounds all their own! Help them gain confidence being creative at the piano. This blog post is complete with a tutorial video that helps them get started! Share it directly with your students! ...continue reading →

How Heart and Soul teaches Primary Chords [Part V]

Heart and Soul offers an easy way to teach or learn the most-used chords in all styles of music: the primary chords. This blog post is complete with images, a tutorial video and a FREE printable sheet, and is a great way to start any young student on understanding keyboard harmony! Share this post directly with your students to give them a project they can do at home! ...continue reading →

Heart and Soul piano play-along -- Alternative tune [Part III]

Do you know Heart and Soul’s alternative melody? It’s catchy and fun! This post will help your students learn Heart and Soul’s other tune by rote with supporting videos and a FREE printable guide sheet. Your students can use the same steps to teach it to a family member! They can play the duet with family at home or the videos. Feel free to share this video directly with your piano students! ...continue reading →

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