Early to Late Elementary Piano repertoire of Rebekah Maxner, listed for ease of choosing

Elementary piano students imagine themselves playing big sounds! For your early-level students you want pieces that give the thrill of playing great music yet teach the basics...and music that can please audiences for performances. I aspire to create music that fulfills student wishes and teachers' requirements. This post comes with a free printable to help make it easy for you to select the very best pieces for your students at the right levels. Keep reading! … continue reading →

Christmas and Winter Piano solos, duets, and trios for all levels [Printable]

Here is a whole gift bag's worth of ideas for exciting, motivating repertoire to make the season bright. Music is one of the things that makes the holidays so special; music brings us together, it is something we share with one another and a vital part of the holiday. In this post you'll find Christmas solos, duets, at least one trio, plus wintry music that is versatile and can be played during and after the holidays. ...continue reading →

Rebekah Maxner's Rock the Boat for Early Elementary piano students [note/rote/duets]

Rock the Boat is filled to the brim with music students will love. Your Early Elementary students can play the blues, walking bass jazz, boogie patterns, beautiful, sensitive melodies, and catchy, energetic themes that are fun to sing along with. Note and rote options, lots of lyrics and each piece comes with a teacher duet that enhances the student’s musical experience and development. ...continue reading →

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