Beginner piano: Johnny Appleseed, God is Great, Here’s the Church and more!

Uplifting music! That’s what the Johnny Appleseed series is all about!

Whether you’re planning for the season of harvest and giving thanks or simply looking for easy versions of this music, here’s an eSheet bundle for Early Elementary piano with a focus on blessings! With so many uncertainties these days, piano teachers can give students one thing they can count on: the joy of music!

“Blessings” eSheet Bundle

The Blessings Bundle is the first to be released in the Johnny Appleseed series. Music for saying the blessing (giving thanks) and asking for God’s blessing through the day or in church. This bundle includes 4 uplifting solos:

Johnny Appleseed (the grace for giving thanks)

Johnny Appleseed grace – Early Elementary solo.
Listen to this simple arrangement of Johnny Appleseed on YouTube!

Dear God, Bless this Day (a morning prayer asking God’s blessing)

Dear God, Bless this Day – Early Elementary solo
Listen to Dear God, Bless this Day on YouTube!

God is Great, God is Good (the traditional grace set to an original tune)

God is Great, God is Good – Early Elementary solo
Listen to God is Great, God is Good on YouTube!

Here’s the Church (the traditional finger-play set to an original tune)

Here’s the Church – Early Elementary solo
Listen to Here’s the Church on YouTube!

Bundle details:

  • Early Elementary piano solos
  • Each piece is one page and can be learned quickly!
  • Ideal for online lessons and busy students!
  • Easy music to transpose — builds student confidence.
  • Illustrations by can be coloured.
  • Great value! Buy once and make unlimited prints for your own students!
  • Prints well on 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper.
  • Note: Solos only. (Duets sold in print and eBook only.)
  • 7 pages including cover and notes. 4 pages of music.

Blessings Bundle – add to cart

Blessings eSheet Bundle$10.99
Get 4 student solos in a studio-licensed bundle. One purchase gets you unlimited prints for your own students!

Three more bundles!

to be released throughout 2020-21!

Lullabies and evening prayers Bundle (coming in January 2021):

  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  • All Through the Night

Love Bundle (coming in February 2021):

  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Jesus Loves Me Camp Re-mix (alternative tune on black keys with hand knocks)
  • Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

Beautiful World Bundle (coming in April 2021):

  • Morning Glory (a medley with Grieg’s Morning and Morning has Broken)
  • God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall

Three ways to get this music!

You can get the student solos separately in the four bundles mentioned above, which will be released over time.

Or, to get all the pieces now (including the optional teacher duets), simply choose a studio-licensed eBook or beautifully bound print books!

Listen to the Johnny Appleseed playlist including duets! (More to come!)

Studio-licensed eBook

  • Includes all 12 pieces (all four bundles) in one studio-licensed eBook, and you can get them now!
  • Includes all 12 optional teacher duets. Hear sound samples on the Johnny Appleseed page.
  • Bonus feature: 6 of the teacher duets are printed in original plus the suggested transposed key (Note: available only in the eBook).
  • Each eBook is personalized with the purchasing teacher’s name. This appears on each page to show that that you are licensed to print it ethically for your students.
  • 33 pages including cover and notes. 29 pages of music.

eBook – add to cart

Studio License – print for students you directly teach, licensed to your name

The print book has a Johnny Appleseed clay creations cover, made by Clara, age 10.

Print Book

  • Keepsake design — children will treasure this beautifully bound book!
  • Includes all 12 pieces and optional teacher duets.
  • 1 of the duets is printed in original plus the suggested transposed key, in two different styles.
  • Hear sound samples on the Johnny Appleseed page.
  • Illustrations can be coloured.
  • A full-sized colouring book-style page (only in print book).
  • Plus framed space where the child can draw his/her own illustrations.
  • Plus staff paper where the child can write a song of thanks or praise.
  • Formatted to maximize the 9×12 page size and avoid page turns.
  • 28 pages including cover, notes and creative activities. 20 pages of music.

Book – add to cart

Print Book$14.99
9×12 paperback, 24 pages including cover and notes (20 pages of music)

Teachers will love…

The music is carefully arranged to be simple yet beautiful with or without the enriching duets. The pieces are ideal for piano lessons and home enjoyment. Several could be featured in recitals or as special music in Sunday worship (even if online).

  • The music encourages heartfelt, expressive playing
  • The pieces support Early Elementary pedagogical goals like non-legato and two-note slurs.
  • The notation is simple, uncluttered and clear
  • Students are encouraged to transpose

Students will love…

  • Music that gives a sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • The shorter pieces can be learned quickly.
  • The longer arrangements have beautiful intros.
  • Easy rote sections help the pieces sound “bigger” than they are.
  • Each piece has an optional teacher duet that enriches the child’s sound experience (available in the print and eBook).

Gets yours today!

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Video of the Week

Thinking ahead to Christmas? Here’s a recital showstopper that brightens the season! Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Pachelbel’s Canon (Unequal DUET: Early Elementary and Intermediate). The Primo plays Jolly Old Saint Nicholas (Early Elementary with pre-staff and early staff options). The Secondo plays Pachelbel’s Canon arranged for Intermediate piano. It’s a stunning combination that pleases beginners and audiences alike! Available as print and eBook! Check out Jolly Pachelbel in my shop!

Here’s a sound clip of Orange Juice!

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