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Item number: ISMN:979-09001414-1-5 / NK-P902

“…these intermediate level pieces are sure to grab the imagination of lots of piano students!” ~ Natalie Weber, Music Matters blog, CA


  • Most of the pieces are Early to Late Intermediate (Levels 3 to 6)
  • A book that can grow with the student (Level 2 and 8)
  • Expressive piano pieces to color your days
  • From impressionist to Latin, swing, blues and jazz
  • 10 piano solos
  • As you explore the articulation, dynamics and key signatures in the pieces you will discover how music creates moods to express the way you feel
  • Music that inspires a love for the piano!

Contents, Score and Sound samples:

Orange Juice

  • Early Intermediate (Level 3)
  • Character Piece / Latin

Gray Day

  • Early Intermediate (Level 3)
  • Expressive / Impressionist / Jazz

Blue Train

  • Late Elementary (Level 2)
  • Popular / Blues

Purple Mystery

  • Early Intermediate (Level 3)
  • Character Piece / Soundtrack style

Yellow Boots

  • Early Intermediate (Level 3)
  • Character Piece / Swing

Black Light

  • Intermediate (Level 4)
  • Expressive / Impressionist / Halloween

Green Shade

  • Late Intermediate (Level 6)
  • Expressive / Impressionist / Jazz

Red Line

  • Intermediate (Level 5)
  • Popular / Jazz / Boogie

White Drift

  • Early Advanced (Level 7)
  • Expressive / Latin / Winter

Rainbow Swirl

  • Early Advanced (Level 8)
  • Expressive / Romantic / Impressionist

Express yourself! No matter who you are or how you feel there is a piece to capture your mood. The Color Collection offers many opportunities to explore how music can express the way you feel. Gray Day is “for slow days when you wear your pajamas all day,” and Yellow Boots is “for friends who splash in puddles of sunshine together.” This book is fast becoming a favorite of studio recitals and music festivals.

What people are saying…

“…I love your color book and hope to be passing on my student copy to someone this fall… The other copy, I’m keeping for ME ME ME!” ~ Libby, VA

“Thank you, Rebekah, for your delightful, imaginative melodies that have captured the essence of the feelings expressed in my book ‘I Feel Orange Today’.” ~ Patricia Godwin (author), BC

“One of my students is learning your Blue Train in the [Canadian National Conservatory of Music’s] Making Tracks, and enjoying it immensely.” ~  Peggy L’Hoir, SK

“…the music arrived and I love it…. I particularly loved “White Drift”, as did some of my intermediate level players who really go for the touchy feely sound.” ~ Heather, ON

“I discovered your book at an APTA conference several years ago here in Alberta. When I introduced your book and played some of the pieces, [my student’s] lights went on and he is enthusiastically practicing the first 3 pieces in the book as preparation for the Grade 2 CNCM performance exam next June.” ~ Andrea, AB

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Blogger Natalie Weber weighs in on The Color Collection.

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The Color Collection:

Book – add to cart

Print Book$14.99
9×12 paperback, 17 pages of music (24 including cover and notes)

eBook – add to cart

Studio License – print for students you directly teach, licensed to your name

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