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9×12 paperback, 28 pages including cover and notes (22 pages of music)

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Item number: ISMN: 979-09001414-5-3 / NK-P904


  • Early Elementary to Elementary (Primer level to Prep B)
  • Music heard on Titanic‘s maiden voyage arranged for piano, plus originals in 1912 styles
  • 8 Piano solos with optional teacher duets
  • 1 Elementary student duet, 1P4H
  • Piano students can take part in the story first-hand by playing music that was heard on Titanic‘s only voyage

Contents, Score and Sound samples:


  • Early Elementary (Beginner)
  • Expressive / Celtic / Duet

That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune ~ Berlin arr. Maxner

  • Early Elementary (Beginner)
  • Popular / Duet

Salut d’amour ~ Elgar arr. Maxner

  • Early Elementary (Beginner)
  • Expressive / Romantic / Duet

The Merry Widow Waltz ~ Lehar arr. Maxner

  • Early Elementary (Beginner)
  • Popular / Waltz / Duet

Silver Heels ~ Moret arr. Maxner

  • Elementary (Preparatory)
  • Popular / Duet

In the Shadows ~ Finck arr. Maxner

  • Elementary (Preparatory)
  • Popular / Duet

Nearer My God To Thee ~ Mason arr. Maxner

  • Elementary (Preparatory)
  • Sacred / Duet

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

  • Elementary (Preparatory)
  • Popular / Swing / Duet

The Titanic Song ~ Traditional arr. Maxner

  • Early Elementary (Beginner)
  • Folk / Duet

Today’s children know the story of the Titanic, the world’s most luxurious ocean liner. For the first time piano students can take part in the story first-hand by playing music that was heard on Titanic’s only voyage. The pieces have been chosen from passenger accounts, from the White Star Line’s official songbook, several will be recognized from the Titanic movies you have seen, and two are originals written in 1912 styles. All have been arranged to offer pieces students will love to learn, and to support pedagogical goals for their levels of playing.

What people are saying…

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“My 9 year-old son LOVES the Titanic, so this is a perfect combination (great shipping disasters and music).” ~ Marjorie, ON

“The pieces and arrangements which delightfully capture the mood of the day, combined with the historical anecdotes, provide a well-informed re-telling of the story of the Titanic through piano music.” ~ Barbara Long, The Quarter Note (NBRMTA quarterly), NB

“I just had an amazing piano lesson!  This is one lesson I’d lost sleep over and prayed about for days in preparation! I taught an 11 yr old boy last year his first piano lessons. In April I suggested to his grandmother–who is raising him–that we take a break from lessons since he was very unresponsive and resisted all efforts for teaching. When grandma approached me in the summer about restarting lessons I was already worried. At his lesson tonight I had piles of books all around me, on hand for me to try anything that he might be interested in. I asked him if he knew anything about the Titanic. Yes! He immediately paged through the book and found “Nearer My God to Thee.” We spent the entire lesson learning that piece–chords, counting, fingering, the works! I prayed that the words of that old song would sink deep into his young, wounded heart! (I had to watch myself that the tears didn’t start flowing down my face!) May God truly be near to this young boy! Thanks Rebekah, for that book! I am so blessed by how God answered prayer for this one piano lesson! There are 34 more to go, but this first one was a miracle!” ~ Caroline, AB

Titanic A Voyage in Piano Music:

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Print Book$11.70 USD | $14.99 CAD
9×12 paperback, 28 pages including cover and notes (22 pages of music)

eSheets for each piece available via my shop

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