I Love Coffee, I Love Tea and 'Knuckles' Intro to Circle of Fifths [Part IV]

I Love Coffee, I Love Tea offers an easy way to teach or learn the most powerful chord progression in all styles of music: II - V - I. This blog post is complete with images, a tutorial video and a FREE printable sheet, and is a great way to start any intermediate student on understanding keyboard harmony! Share this post directly with your students to give them a project they can do at home! … … continue reading →

How Heart and Soul teaches Relative Minors [Part VII]

Heart and Soul holds a secret clue to finding relative minor keys. After students have learned the bass and chords, explored primary chords and learned to transpose, the next challenge is to use the familiar chord progression to find relative major and minor keys. This blog with a FREE printable sheet breaks it down in easy-to-understand language. Share it directly with your students! ...continue reading →

Learn to transpose with Heart and Soul [Part VI]

Heart and Soul is a brilliant little workhorse piece of music. It offers a simple introduction to transposing by ear, which leads to a greater understanding of scales, key signatures and primary chords. To be versatile, transposing is the single most important skill a pianist can have! This post includes a tutorial video and a FREE printable sheet! ...continue reading →

'Starry Dreams (Do Come True)' Level 6 Jazz piano piece [eSheet]

"Do what you love until others love it, too." There are moments in your professional life when you take stock of where you are, how far you've come and what started it all. This post is about rediscovering my genesis as a composer: 1) with a new Level 6 Jazz piece that harkens back to my earliest days of improvising on the piano, and 2) professional photos inspired by the composer who first inspired me. ...continue reading →

O Canada piano arrangements perfect for public events, school assemblies and recitals

School assemblies and graduations, Canada Day, official ceremonies including Remembrance Day, and Canada Music Week recitals in November -- all these begin with the playing or singing of our national anthem. Canada's iconic national anthem now has five versatile and appealing piano arrangements. Click to see and hear O Canada arranged by five Canadian composers, written to reflect the pride we feel for our beautiful nation. ...continue reading →

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