Why you need a piano studio Child Protection Policy and Plan [Printables]

Several years ago a piano teacher friend called me in distress, looking for support and advice. During lessons with a male student, she was getting strange vibes. What if you were this teacher? Find out how to design your studio space for both transparency surrounding child safety and your own protection, and print an editable Child Protection Policy and Plan. A must-read for every serious piano teacher. ...continue reading →

Piano Student Attendance policies that avoid teacher burnout

To avoid misunderstandings with your studio parents, have a clear policy on student misses. Otherwise a policy grey area might become a policy headache -- which may lead to your own burnout. Be proactive with your schedule: print, define, set up a switch list, offer fill-in lessons and decide if, when and how you will offer make-ups. You’ll require less energy for administration and have more for making music. ...continue reading →

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