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Alexander’s Ragtime Band ~ Berlin arr. Maxner

Baby Bird Blues

Back Street Blues

Black Horse

Black Light

Black Tie Showdown

Blue Train

Boogie Woogie Man

Butter on a Biscuit

Come to My Ceilidh

Deep in the Meadow (A Mountain Air)

Down Over Yonder

Elvis Presley, How About a Date?

Farewell ~ Elementary


For Rue

Forever, Ever After

Friends of a Feather (Madge and Katniss Duet)

Fuzzy Slipper Shuffle

Gargoyle’s Night Out

Gray Day

Gray Kitten

Green Shade

Grrrreen Dino

Haunted Music Box

Hiccup Rock

Hickory Dickory Rock

Hot, Hot Buns

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea

Imagine a Prelude ~ Bach arr. Maxner

In a Jam

In the Shadows ~ Finck arr. Maxner

Jack and Jill went up the Beach

Jazz That Train

Jazz! Goes the Weasel

Jelly Roll Jazz

Jingle Bell Swing ~ Pierpont arr. Maxner

Jolly Little Jingle ~ Traditional/Pierpoint arr. Maxner

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas ~ Traditional/Pachelbel arr. Maxner

Kaleidoscope Colors

Little Blue Engine

London Bridge is Gettin’ Down

Mary had a Little Jam

Misty River

Nearer My God To Thee ~ Mason arr. Maxner

O Canada ~ Lavallée arr. Maxner

Old MacDonald had the Blues

One Hit Wonder

Orange Cat, Black Cat

Orange Juice

Orange Sunset

Out of the Blue

Over the Moon ~ Inspired by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Maxner

Pirate’s Ire

Playground Groove

Purple Balloon on a Ribbon

Purple Mystery

Pussycat Waltz

R & B Baby

Rainbow Swirl

Red Line

Red Racecar

Rock 3

Rock Around the Block

Rock The Boat

Rock this Town

Salut d’amour ~ Elgar arr. Maxner / Elementary

Salut d’amour ~ Elgar arr. Maxner

Scat, Cat

Silver Heels ~ Moret arr. Maxner / Elementary

Silver Heels ~ Moret arr. Maxner

Skitter Scatter, Pitter Patter

Snow Angels


Songe d’automne ~ Joyce arr. Maxner

Stairway for Elisa ~ Maxner (with Beethoven)

Starry Dreams (Do Come True)

That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune ~ Berlin arr. Maxner

The Chicken Sang Bach (On a Saturday Night)

The Glow-Worm ~ Lincke arr. Maxner

The Hanging Tree

The Highlander’s Journey

The Merry Widow Waltz ~ Lehar arr. Maxner

The Mosquitoes’ Parade ~ Whitney arr. Maxner

The Sad Clown Waltzes Alone

The Smallest Piece

The Superhero Blues

The Titanic Song ~ Traditional arr. Maxner

The Toasting

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Unsinkable Molly Brown ~ Elementary

The Wheels on the Bus go Ragtime

Three Cool Mice

Twinkle, Twinkle Superstar

Uptown Low Down

Valley Song

Valse Septembre ~ Godin arr. Maxner

Wedding Dance

White Drift

White Frost on My Window

Yellow Boots

Yellow River

Zonko’s Big Adventure

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