Heart and Soul piano play-along -- Alternative tune [Part III]

Do you know Heart and Soul’s alternative melody? It’s catchy and fun! This post will help your students learn Heart and Soul’s other tune by rote with supporting videos and a FREE printable guide sheet. Your students can use the same steps to teach it to a family member! They can play the duet with family at home or the videos. Feel free to share this video directly with your piano students! ...continue reading →

Why you need a piano studio Child Protection Policy and Plan [Printables]

Several years ago a piano teacher friend called me in distress, looking for support and advice. During lessons with a male student, she was getting strange vibes. What if you were this teacher? Find out how to design your studio space for both transparency surrounding child safety and your own protection, and print an editable Child Protection Policy and Plan. A must-read for every serious piano teacher. ...continue reading →

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