Heart and Soul piano play-along — Duet videos [Part IV]

The Heart and Soul duet is irresistible and fun! Want to play along?

If you’re looking for a duet partner, here are some options:

  • Teach the parts to a family member and play together!
  • Play along with the videos in this blog post! Your part is listed. The video plays the other part!

Here’s the complete duet:

This is the complete duet that you are aiming for. It can repeat many times.

Want to play the bass and chords?

Here’s what you play:

You play the bass line and chord accompaniment. Play along with the video, which will play the tunes. To make it easier to begin at the same tempo, there’s a count-in.

In the video you’ll hear the piece in ABA form: A, the Heart and Soul tune; B, the alternative tune; back to A. Play through or stop the video as you wish.

You play the bass and chords, the video plays the Heart and Soul tunes.

Want to play the tune?

You may play the famous popular tune:

And/or you may play the alternative traditional tune:

Play one (or both) of the Heart and Soul tunes. In the video below:

  • Intro: The chord pattern plays through once (C, Am, F, G) as a lead-in.
  • After you join, the accompaniment plays long enough for you to play through the tune three times.
  • Try playing it ABA: A, the Heart and Soul tune; B, the alternative tune; A, the Heart and Soul tune.

Want to play the tune(s) a little slower?

For a slower tempo, play along with this video of the bass and chords at about 76 BPM.

  • Intro: The chord pattern plays through once (C, Am, F, G) as a lead-in.
  • After you join, you’ll be able to play the tune through three times.
Practice the tune at a slower tempo with this video of the bass and chords.

Ready for the next steps?

There’s more to Heart and Soul than meets the eye! This gem of a piece can teach the primary chords, how to transpose, relative minors and even how to improvise and compose! Start this amazing musical journey by clicking the link below and then follow the tutorials!

How Heart and Soul teaches Primary Chords [Part V]

Are you a piano teacher? To unlock this amazing nine-part Heart and Soul series, start here: Piano play-along duets for families at home: Heart and Soul [Teacher intro]

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Video of the Week

Grrrreen Dino (Elementary, Level 1), a jazz-inspired piece with a walking bass line and syncopations. From The Color Collection Junior, Elementary to Late Elementary piano solos that express all of our feelings. From gorgeous character pieces to the blues, from black-key pentatonic to disco, this collection has it all! Or, check out the Grrrreen Dino eSheet!

Here’s an audio file of Green Shade!

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