Heart and Soul piano play-along — Learn the bass and chords [Part I]

This post will help you learn the bass line and chords of Heart and Soul. You’ll be able to play it on your own or as a duet!

This blog post is part of a series. Not only will you learn the various parts of Heart and Soul, but you’ll learn how to teach them to a family member. Then, play the duet together or with the ‘Play-along’ videos included in the series.

To learn the lower duet part by rote, watch the following video.

Watch for a tutorial on how to play Heart and Soul’s bass line and chords.

Below, the steps are broken down with music samples.

Step One:

The left hand (LH) part of Heart and Soul is based on these notes:


Step Two:

The right hand chords follow the same letters. Hint: the LH plays in one place (and doesn’t move around). The RH moves to play the chords.

(Chords) C Am F G

Step Three:

Once you have mastered step two, play the RH broken chords with a swing rhythm.

FREE Printable sheet!

If you’d like to print the above music samples, go to my Printables and get your FREE Heart and Soul Bass Line and Chords sheet!

Practice the bass line and chords. Once you know it well, teach it to a family member using the steps outlined above!

Ready for more?

Heart and Soul piano play-along — Learn the tune [Part II]

Heart and Soul piano play-along — Alternative tune [Part III]

Heart and Soul piano play-along — Duet videos [Part IV] No duet partner at home? Play along with these YouTube videos!

Are you a piano teacher? To unlock this amazing nine-part Heart and Soul series, start here: Piano play-along duets for families at home: Heart and Soul [Teacher intro]

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Video of the Week

Red Racecar (Late Elementary, Level 2) is a disco and jazz-inspired piece. From the print and eBook The Color Collection Junior, Elementary to Late Elementary piano solos that express all of our feelings. From gorgeous character pieces to the blues, from black-key pentatonic to disco, this collection has it all! Or, check out the Red Racecar eSheet!

Here is an audio clip of Red Racecar

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