“Be a Copycat!” Composition Workshop and Piano Mini-Fest

Are you looking for a fun performance and workshop opportunity for your students?

These are challenging times. It’s difficult to find workshop or performance opportunities for our students. Many jurisdictions have restrictions on how many people can gather, so recitals are a challenge. Many music festivals are struggling to find ways to schedule hundreds of children. Workshops and masterclasses seem impossible to organize.

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and get a little help from a friend!

Here’s a chance for you to plan a special studio event for your students and let someone else do most of the work! Your students will get a performance opportunity and workshop that will support your goals as a teacher. Curious?

Let’s meet online!

It’s never been easier to meet online!

The Piano Mini-Fest connects us online!

Two events in one!

Piano Mini-Fest

Part I: Piano Mini-Fest! Enjoy a Piano Mini-Fest from the comfort of your own studio! If you’re teaching completely online, your students can join from home.

Each student plays their favourite piano piece!

  • Let’s focus on music by living composers!
  • Student could play their own composition!
  • Students are encouraged (but not required) to perform music from your country!

Rebekah Maxner is an experienced, cheerful and patient adjudicator who can listen to your students, reinforce what you’re all doing well and challenge your students to take the next steps of their musical development.

“Be a Copycat!”

Part II: “Be a Copycat!” Composition Workshop! Included is a composition workshop entitled “Be a Copycat!” This reveals the biggest trade secret of the greatest composers!

Join composer Rebekah Maxner on a journey through time and music. You’ll meet composers and hear some of their greatest music! Only…wait a minute…someone else composed that music first! And then…they copied it!

Find out how it’s actually okay to be inspired by, learn from (and outright copy) other composers. Learn three ways to get started with other people’s music and turn it into your own! Do it like a pro!

Your students get cheerful encouragement to be creative at the piano, like Copycats!

Who’s invited?

YOU are invited!

  • Piano students of all ages and levels may join.
  • Up to 16 students may participate in each scheduled event (minimum 10).

What’s included for each student!

For $15.99 USD / $19.99 CAD each participant gets:

Piano Mini-Fest, playing a favourite piece and receiving personal feedback! Watching all participants in an online masterclass setting. ($16.99 USD/ $20.99 CAD value.)

“Be a Copycat!” Composition Workshop, approximately 30 minutes in length. ($16.99 USD/ $20.99 CAD value.)

FREE Maxner piano book included ($11.99 USD/ $14.99 CAD value)! Hard copy print book personalized with student’s name and Rebekah’s signature. Student or teacher’s choice – can be kept a special surprise for participants!

What’s included for each student participant!USDCAD
Special discounted fee (actual fee per student)$15.99 USD$19.99 CAD
Total value! (workshop, mini-fest and free book)$45.97 USD$56.97 CAD

USD amount is given as a price comparison for what you’ll be charged. PayPal will show the Canadian currency, as I’m a Canadian vendor. PayPal will automatically convert to USD/your currency! Questions? Please ask!

Rebekah will sign the FREE books!

Student Testimonials!

“Rebekah’s composition workshop was very fun and her tips helped me gain confidence in my own compositions.” ~ Veronica, student, ON

“I found the feedback very helpful and it was great to hear how the composer interpreted the music.” ~ Jonah, student, ON

“It was a fun experience! Performing and watching others perform from home was very different and interesting.” ~ Grace, student, ON 

I enjoy listening to each performer and giving feedback that supports your goal as the teacher.

What’s included for teachers!

Up to three (3) teachers may get involved and include students for each event. You pick your teacher friends and sign up together! The Lead Organizing Teacher is the liaison.

A technical test session to check Zoom and/or Internet MIDI connection(s) the week of the event (approximately 30 minutes).

Piano Mini-Fest. A performance opportunity for you and your students to look forward to! The masterclass includes hints and tips for creative teaching!

“Be a Copycat!” Composition Workshop. A great way for you to inspire your students’ creativity at the piano!

FREE Rebekah Maxner eSheet ($7.99 USD/ $9.99 CAD value each). One (1) eSheet for each participating/attending teacher  – teacher’s choice. This eSheet is studio-licensed and the teacher may make unlimited prints for your own students!

For the Lead Organizing Teacher — FREE Maxner piano book ($11.99 USD/ $14.99 CAD value), teacher’s choice. Hard copy print book can be personalized for the teacher with Rebekah Maxner’s signature.

All administration time is included at no extra cost.

Performing students are cheered on with applause!

Teacher testimonials!

“My students are still talking about their experience with Rebekah’s workshop.  Her encouragement was spot on and her enthusiasm was contagious.  The free resources, a surprise for our participants, are included by request in our weekly lessons.” ~ Judy Freeman, MYCC; Music teacher, ON

“Your workshop on copycat was fantastic! My students have just started a new composing season and they are so inspired!” ~ Heather Tuttle, BMus, RMT, MYCC, UMTC; Music teacher, ON 

Your approach with the kids was great! You talked with them right at the beginning about feeling nervous and set them at ease (as much as is possible!). Veronica, especially, was thrilled to have a mini lesson on For Rue from the composer!! And Jonah was so excited to get his music book that he had The Toasting already learned by his Monday lesson! ~ Laura DeVries, RMT; Music teacher, ON

On my way to send FREE books. YOU could get this for your studio!

1 Easy step to get started!

Step 1: Submit your ‘Request the Date’ form. Contact us to request your preferred dates!

Let’s take a closer look!

How the event is scheduled

Piano Mini-Fest session 1 — first group of students.

“Be a Copycat!” Composition Workshop — 30 minutes (all students).

Piano Mini-Fest session 2 — second group of students.

Each individual student attends one Piano Mini-Fest plus the composition workshop, allowing a shorter time commitment each.

Piano Mini-Fest choice of format

Format 1: One-at-a-time interaction between student and adjudicator with all other participants watching as an online audience. Student plays followed by direct feedback and interaction (6-10 minutes per student, depending on repertoire and number of students).

Format 2: All students perform back-to-back in concert style followed by a group masterclass addressing common themes and encouraging development of the studio as a whole. This can still include dialogue with individual students.

How teachers may book Rebekah Maxner

Rebekah has one opening per Saturday, so please contact us early to reserve the date you want. We’re accepting bookings for the entire 2021 year.

We’ll work out the start time for the event between our two time zones.

If Sunday would work better for you and your students, please ask! Rebekah may be able to accommodate.

While early booking is advised to lock in the date you want, please book at least two months in advance to allow time to organize and ship the books.

Let’s work and play together!

Here’s a sound clip of Orange Cat, Black Cat!

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