Learn to transpose with Heart and Soul [Part VI]

Heart and Soul is a brilliant little workhorse piece of music. It offers a simple introduction to transposing by ear, which leads to a greater understanding of scales, key signatures and primary chords. To be versatile, transposing is the single most important skill a pianist can have! This post includes a tutorial video and a FREE printable sheet! ...continue reading →

How Heart and Soul teaches Primary Chords [Part V]

Heart and Soul offers an easy way to teach or learn the most-used chords in all styles of music: the primary chords. This blog post is complete with images, a tutorial video and a FREE printable sheet, and is a great way to start any young student on understanding keyboard harmony! Share this post directly with your students to give them a project they can do at home! ...continue reading →

Heart and Soul piano play-along -- Alternative tune [Part III]

Do you know Heart and Soul’s alternative melody? It’s catchy and fun! This post will help your students learn Heart and Soul’s other tune by rote with supporting videos and a FREE printable guide sheet. Your students can use the same steps to teach it to a family member! They can play the duet with family at home or the videos. Feel free to share this video directly with your piano students! ...continue reading →

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