NFMC Piano Trios! Exciting 2020-24 selections — National Federation of Music Clubs

Looking for NFMC piano trios for 2020-2024?

These NFMC Trio selections guarantee joy and fun for performers and audience alike! When six hands play one piano, there’s bound to be fun! We’ve been asked not to give the exact class levels. For those, please refer to your bulletin:

National Federation of Music Clubs “Federation Festivals Bulletin” July 2020 – June 2024.

This post features these amazing piano trios by Red Leaf Pianoworks composers in order of level:

A Jolly Little Jingle by Rebekah Maxner

Pawzazz by Teresa Richert

Turquoise Tangle by Beverly Porter

Latin Tracks by Susan Griesdale

Industrial Revolutions per Minute by Janet Gieck

Cloudburst by Martha Hill Duncan

A Jolly Little Jingle

Piano Trio by Rebekah Maxner, Early Elementary/Elementary Prep A, Prep B and Level 4/7 options

This trio creates lots of fun with two Christmas favorites: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas (Primo), and Jingle Bells (Secondo), each introduced separately and then played together in Christmas counterpoint!

A Jolly Little Jingle by Rebekah Maxner
Watch the YouTube video for Rebekah Maxner’s A Jolly Little Jingle!
  • What makes it easy: The Prep A performer learns only Jolly Old Saint Nicholas plus the ending. The Prep B performer learns Jingle Bells plus little interjections and the ending. Part III has a simplified Level 4 option for smaller hands.
  • The challenge: Putting it together! Many giggles guaranteed! Part III has a more difficult Level 7 option with full four-note chords for larger hands; the performer chooses the level of difficulty, both included.  
  • What makes it beautiful: Jingle Bells is introduced with a flowing arpeggiated bass line, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas with a mischievous minor gypsy-like background. Then, unexpected harmonies make it possible to play these two tunes together in beautiful counterpoint.

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Piano Trio by Teresa Richert, Early Elementary/ Elementary, Prep B

This playful piece features simple rhythms and note patterns combined with a variety of articulations and dynamics to make it accessible and interesting for early level pianists. 

It’s a playful early level piece with simple rhythms and note patterns and a variety of articulations and dynamics.

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Turquoise Tangle

Piano Trio by Beverly Porter

Turquiose Tangle by Beverly Porter
Watch the YouTube video for Bev Porter’s Turquoise Tangle!

Terzo is the easier part to play with the others more equal.
Keep it graceful and play light repeated notes in the secondo melody. Be sure to count carefully on the final page.

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Other Beverly Porter Trios on the NFMC list:

  • Fireweed Rag         
  • Deep Sea Blues

Latin Tracks

Piano Trio by Susan Griesdale, Early Intermediate, Level 4/5

Latin Tracks is a fun little rhythmic ‘vamp’ where each player gets to shine playing the syncopated melody while the other players keep the steady beat. It’s hard not to tap your toes!

Latin Tracks Piano Trio by Susan Griesdale
  • What makes is easy: This is mostly hands separate for each player since each part is written on one stave.
  • The Challenge: Staying precisely in rhythm together and timing your main melodic entry to come in on the upbeat.
  • What makes it appealing: It’s a fun piece to play together with a catchy syncopated rhythm.
Latin Tracks!

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Other Susan Griesdale trios on the NFMC list:

  • Three to Tango
  • Cool Cat
  • O’Yeah!

Industrial Revolutions Per Minute

Piano Trio by Janet Gieck, Intermediate to Late Intermediate Level 5-7  

This piece has a great groove and uses a lot of extra-piano sounds such as slaps, knocks, and voice effects.  An excellent piece for guys, teens, and all creative types!

Industrial Revolutions Per Minute by Janet Gieck
Watch this YouTube video of Janet Gieck’s Industrial Revolutions Per Minute!
  • What makes it easy: Industrial Revolutions Per Minute can be played by performers of slightly different levels – part 3 is very repetitive, so could be given to someone with less experience if they have a good rhythmic sense.
  • The challenge: The syncopated rhythms and the choreography of the percussion are challenging, but are so much fun once they are figured out. Many people have said how much time they spent just laughing during rehearsals. This ensemble work will have performers listening and communicating with each other at new levels.
  • What makes it fun: Body percussion and rhythmic energy are the highlight of this piece, but they contrast nicely with a lovely espressivo section in the middle.  
Industrial Revolutions Per Minute is available as a print book!

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Piano Trio by Martha Hill Duncan Intermediate, Level 5-7

The piano trio CLOUDBURST has a gentle sunny beginning that builds to a crescendo when the rain cloud bursts open. An equally divided intermediate trio with gently rolling 8ves in lower part. Great for three “piano” friends of mixed levels and abilities. ~ M.H. Duncan

Cloudburst by Martha Hill Duncan
Listen to the YouTube video of Martha Hill Duncan’s Cloudburst!

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Video of the Week

Black Tie Showdown (Elementary, Prep B), is an irresistible piano duet, 1P4H that has a black-white-black rote pattern in tight harmony jazz. From the print and eBook Rock this Town, 11 Elementary piano works, solos and duets that develop expressive playing and rhythmic drive! Or, check out the Studio Licensed eSheet for Black Tie Showdown!

Watch Black Tie Showdown 1P4H!

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