RCM Piano 2022 Celebration Series, 6th Edition [Syllabus Printables]

The RCM’s mission is to develop human potential through music and the arts. As the editors curate the music, it is their hope that it will inspire teachers and students.

The Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition includes:

  • 514 pieces across 12 Repertoire and 10 Etudes books.
  • Beloved classics and newly-commissioned works. 
  • A broader selection of repertoire in different styles.
  • Composers from more than 20 countries, including 47 Canadian composers and 54 American composers.  
  • 32 recently-composed pieces published for the first time in this series. 
  • Pieces by 73 living composers.

“Sharing new compositions by living artists provides us an opportunity to connect people from around the world,” said Elaine Rusk, Vice President, Academics and Publishing. It is the hope that the sixth edition will, “…inject vibrancy into the lives of our students.” 

Living composers* included in the RCM 2022 Piano Syllabus and the Celebration Series 6th Edition (Circling from upper left): Susan Griesdale, Beverly Porter, Rebekah Maxner, Teresa Richert, Peter Rudzik, Wynn-Anne Rossi, John Burge, Joanne Bender, Martha Hill Duncan, Janet Gieck. Click here for a FREE printable that lists the levels, titles and where to get their music! *Members of Red Leaf Pianoworks.

Free Printable

Handy, quick reference! Print selections included in the 2022 RCM Piano Syllabus, Repertoire and Etudes albums by composers Susan Griesdale, Beverly Porter, Rebekah Maxner, Teresa Richert, Peter Rudzik, Wynn-Anne Rossi, John Burge, Joanne Bender, Martha Hill Duncan and Janet Gieck (composers of Red Leaf Pianoworks). Click here to get yours >>

Music Lights the Way

On April 27th, 2022, the RCM hosted a livestream event to launch the Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition.

Teachers were able to:

  • Watch the live Music Lights the Way concert featuring artists who contributed to the new Celebration Series.
  • Get details on the gift of more than 400,000 print books to 20,000 teachers in Canada and the United States.
  • Get details of a virtual piano competition for North American students — with prizes at each level.

I am very pleased to inform you that the Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition will be made available to teachers who use the RCM Curriculum — for free. You will want to make sure you’re able to attend the livestreamed launch…to find out all the details about this unprecedented offer and how you qualify.

Dr. Peter Simon
President and CEO

“Music teachers were deeply affected by the pandemic. Recognizing that resources come at a cost, The RCM is giving Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition books to its devoted teachers, ensuring they have the materials they need to continue their valued work.” ~ RCM press release.   

“The theme of this launch event and our campaign to promote the value of music study is “Music Lights the Way.” Light and music reflect the desire we all have to connect with people, to provide a pathway forward for children and provide hope for the future. The Music Lights the Way concert will also pay tribute to music teachers who have helped guide their students through isolation and uncertainty and brought the jubilation of music into their homes at a time when we needed its transformative power the most.”

Link to RSVP to the April 27th Concert

Couldn’t attend the live event?

RCM answered on a Facebook group:

During summer 2022, RCM offered:

  • In-person and online workshops to help familiarize teachers with the new pieces.
  • Webinars and Q&A sessions.

“The work of music teachers is more important than ever,” said Dr. Peter Simon, President & CEO of The Royal Conservatory, “because the capacity to create and love music elevates the human condition in a way that no other activity can match.”

Download RCM selections of living composers

Click the image to get your FREE printable of selections by living composers!

ABOUT THE RCM: The Royal Conservatory of Music is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world, providing the definitive standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment, performance training, teacher certification, and arts-based social programs.

For more information on the Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition please visit: rcmusic.com/piano.  

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Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Videos of the Week

In 2 minutes flat, meet composers Irene Voros, Rebekah Maxner, Susan Griesdale, June Armstrong, John Burge, Teresa Richert, Janet Gieck, Beverly Porter, Martha Hill Duncan, Joanne Bender and Peter Rudzik, all who belong to the Red Leaf Pianoworks composers’ collective. Worth the listen!

Listen to composers introduce their works on YouTube!
Listen to a sound clip of Green Shade, RCM Level 6 List C selection for exams!

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    1. Thanks, Amy! It’s exciting, for sure, and so great to be in such good company as the other composers listed, in the Red Leaf Pianoworks collective of composers! We’re all excited!


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