Top 10 most helpful posts of 2019 [Digest]

Thank-you, my readers, for a fun and fulfilling first year of blogging! It certainly has been an adventure! I’ve loved connecting with each and every one of you!

Here’s a countdown digest of my Top 10 Posts of 2019. If you are new to my blog and want a quick introduction to my most popular posts, or if you were busy at times through the year and missed some of these, here they are!

10. DIY Piano Dictation Book: your professional communication tool [Printables]

The best thing I’ve ever done for my piano studio was to up my game with my dictation books. I wanted to open up the lines of communication with my studio parents and students in several ways. Keep reading >>

9. 6 steps to Improvising and Composing left hand piano [Printables]

Have you composed an original melody? Are you feeling inspired to improvise solo piano music or a piano accompaniment for a church chorus, or a popular tune you’ve learned by ear? Keep reading >>

8. Get Organized with Piano Repertoire ‘Elements and Outcomes’ sheet [Printables]

Something I’ve always wanted (but never had) was a simple way to keep track of exactly what my students are covering through their repertoire as they advance. Is their program balanced year to year and over time? Keep reading >>

7. How Motherhood changed the way I teach piano (Piano Teacher Confessions)

Patience with the child fills our lessons with a calm, cooperative atmosphere. Everyone wants a doctor with a good bedside manner. Motherhood reinvented my ‘pianoside’ manner. Keep reading >>

6. Why you need a piano studio Child Protection Policy and Plan [Printables]

Use this post as a starting point to help you design lessons and your studio space with protection in mind — protecting the safety of your students and protecting your own reputation through transparency in regards to student safety. Keep reading >>

5. Self-care for piano teachers: 6 tips for mental, physical and spiritual wellness [Printables]

It is an act of compassion to yourself and those who depend on you — including your students — to take good care of your own wellness: mental, physical and spiritual. Keep reading >>

4. 6 Expressive Repertoire Picks for Early Piano Levels [Free samples]

Expressive music is perhaps the single biggest thing that hooks kids on piano. Give a student a piece that helps them discover their sensitive side, and you’ll see more practice, more personal investment and better advancement. Keep reading >>

3. ‘Quitting’ piano: 7 options for teachers, students and parents

The emotion of stopping is usually wrapped up in several layers of disappointment or regret. The dream of starting is matched by an equal measure of letdown or sadness when stopping. Here are some ideas for piano teachers to help all involved navigate the end of a student’s piano lesson chapter with compassion and professionalism. Keep reading >>

2. Piano cake perfect for studio or grad recitals, group lessons, parties [Recipe]

Let’s be real. I’m not a pastry chef, and likely, neither are you. Here is a piano cake recipe you’ll actually be able to replicate and yours will look just as good as mine. I promise! Keep reading >>

Bonus: #1 Most debated post of 2019 goes to…

Fun and effective weekly piano lesson challenge [Printables]

This incentive avoids plastic prizes and is simple to keep track of. It focuses on effort and gives students weekly feedback on five points they’re working on developing. One of 2019’s top-shared and most discussed posts. Keep reading >>

1. Understanding piano parents: What Minor League Baseball taught me

What I learned from being a ball mom who felt almost completely in the dark, was a brand-new sense of compassion for the well-meaning yet uninformed piano parent. Keep reading >>

I started the year with one post, a Bio page and an idea that I’d like to post weekly. Since then my husband and I have built up my online presence to include six pages (including a shop), and 47 posts. It’s all been done for you, my fellow piano teacher. The response from my readers has been overwhelmingly positive and it’s because of YOU that I keep going!

After tens of thousands of views, over 7,800 facebook shares, several hundred Likes and comments (both on the blog and on my Facebook posts), and several thousand downloads of my free printables, my goals to begin to connect with piano teachers globally have been surpassed! Thank-you for reading, sharing, using my ideas, printing my sheets and teaching my music!

I have lots more in store for 2020 and look forward to staying connected with you!

Yours in music,

Rebekah Maxner

Rock this Town

Coming in January! Rock this Town, Elementary piano!

  • 6 Piano solos
  • 4 Piano solos with optional teacher duets
  • 1 Duet 1P4H
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Expressive piano music
  • Fun titles, lyrics and illustrations
  • Helpful notes on the music
  • A brand new piano collection chock-full of music your students will love! It’s got music that wants to dance: jazz, blues, rock, as well as sensitive, expressive music that will tug at heartstrings.

If you’d like to know when this book is available, contact me!

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching!

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