Have fun teaching piano key letters, intervals and much more! [Leapin’ Lemurs teaching aid]

Children know how to learn.

To play is to learn!

Watch the young of any species and you’ll notice that their playtime is directly related to the skills they’ll need to thrive and survive once they are fully grown. Children also learn through play! That’s why it’s essential as piano teachers to incorporate play and a spirit of playfulness into our piano lessons.

Keep reading to learn about a fun Leapin’ Lemur design that will add fun to your piano teaching in leaps and bounds!

Lemurs are just so cute! We based the Leapin’ Lemurs designs on real lemurs.

This teaching aid helps you teach essential piano skills, while keeping it playful and fun! This checks so many boxes!

  • Help teach the letters on the piano keys to beginners.
  • Help teach intervals on the piano keys visually.
  • Help teach intervals by ear.
They’re as cute as Baby Yoda!

The lemurs are designed to hang on to the piano keys by their hands or tails. (Real lemurs don’t hang by their tails…oops!)

There are four different lemurs, and kids love to choose their favourite one(s) to play with at the piano as they learn.

Easy to use!

Once you have the PDF, simply print the pages in colour on sturdy card stock (8 1/2 x 11), cut them out, and you’ll be on your way!

The design is so simple and useful that there is no limit to what you could use the lemurs for on the piano. The download comes with a few ideas to get you started!

Leapin’ Lemurs have a versatile design!

Helpful pointers

You may opt to laminate them for durability.

After several uses the tabs will loosen a little. You may want to use a bit of double-sided tape to help them stay on the piano keys.

If they fall off the piano, my students and I laugh and say they’re just leapin’ lemurs! It actually does add to the fun!

Bonus keyboard page comes with the Leapin’ Lemurs file to give you lots of options.

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Leapin’ Lemurs together with glass melts help with intervals.

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Video of the week

Elvis Presley, How about a Date? (Elementary) from Rock this Town, 11 Elementary piano works. This piece rocks interval review and reading! Check it out in my shop, here!

Another playful tune: Gray Kitten from The Color Collection Junior

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