5 online courses for Piano teacher career development (plus 2 upcoming in 2021!)

This time of limited travel has helped one industry truly blossom — online learning!

Before I get to the courses I took this year, I thought I’d mention two upcoming ones I’m really excited about, the first as an attendee and the second as a presenter!

MusicEdConnect.Com Online Conference

Piano teachers need to connect now more than ever, and that’s why I feel this year’s MusicEdConnect conference is going to be better than ever! I’ve been eyeing this conference for a while and this year I’m taking the plunge! Red Leaf Pianoworks is going to be in the Exhibit Hall, so watch for our showcase videos! Hope to see you there! Look into it! >>

Trans Formação Continuada 2021

Presenters set to go for Trans Formação Continuada 2021

For the first time, I’m giving an online series! I’ll be one of the presenters for the Trans Formação Continuada 2021, hosted online in Brazil in July and August. I’ll give four workshops in English and will have a partner to translate for the audience. [Enrollment now closed.]

It’s essential to carve out time for your own development! In 2020 there seemed to be an endless number of course offerings online, enticing me like a box of chocolates, so I nabbed a few! Here they are!

Teach Music Online — Carly Walton

Carly Walton has developed a comprehensive course on teaching music online. Many of us have taught online by now but what I love about this course is that Carly anticipates what’s next and keeps adding videos to keep her teachers abreast of the latest developments in online teaching. She also has a helpful Facebook group! Check it out >>

Bradley Sowash — Jazz for the Rest of Us

Bradley Sowash offers group jazz classes online. If you’ve ever wanted to branch out beyond what’s written on the page, this class is for you! The March lockdown hit in the middle of our session and let me tell you, this class was a ray of sunshine in the middle of the week! Bradley is relaxed, knowledgeable, encouraging, tough, and everything you’d want in a jazz teacher. At the end you even get a nifty certificate! Take the plunge! >>

Bradley Sowash’s certificate of professional development

Frances Clark — Wednesday Webinars

Frances Clark Center’s Wednesday Webinars

I signed up to be notified of the Frances Clark Centre’s Teacher Education Webinars, given on Wednesdays. I usually log in and set myself up to watch in my kitchen as I peel veggies (Wednesday is “crock pot day” at my house!). They have a variety of guest presenters who discuss a wide range of topics relevant to the piano teaching profession. I come away from the sessions with useful ideas and tidbits to try with my students!

Irina Gorin — Pedagogy Course

In the spring I watched Irina Gorin’s free webinar discussing “What is technique?” (pictured on the left). I later joined her wonderful pedagogical series. She is a great lady of the piano and has researched the topic of technique thoroughly. She demonstrated many creative and playful approaches to teaching children. Learn more >>

Screen shot shared on Facebook of our final session.

Christopher Norton — Quick Win Improv

Sarah Buckley has joined with Christopher Norton to create a Quick Win course on piano improvisation. The package includes a printable teacher’s guide to the six suggested improv lessons. Also included are studio-licensed printable lesson pages to get students started and cards that challenge kids to use their newfound skills on the fly! Check it out! >>

Here’s my challenge to you! What online courses are you going to dive into this year?

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I appreciate shares, comments and likes. Happy teaching! ❤

Rebekah Maxner, composer, blogger, piano teacher. Follow my blog for great tips!

Video of the Week

Kaleidoscope Colors (Elementary, Prep B), a sensitive piece on black keys with sustained pedal. From the print and eBook The Color Collection Junior, Elementary to Late Elementary piano solos that express all of our feelings. From gorgeous character pieces to the blues, from black-key pentatonic to disco, this collection has it all! Or, check out the Kaleidoscope Colors eSheet!

Listen to Kaleidoscope Colors on YouTube!

3 thoughts on “5 online courses for Piano teacher career development (plus 2 upcoming in 2021!)

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  1. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and suggestions, Rebekah.Your online course suggestions were most interesting this morning, having toyed with and actually pursuing some of these myself. It is great to hear and have access to your music and that of others whom you recommend. It has been exciting to be able to befriend technology in brand new ways to continue our journey of learning new ideas and connecting with a world of musicians during 2020! Happy New Year, Rebekah!


    1. Marilyn, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my posts, and particularly this one! I agree that technology that connects us seems to be the silver lining in 2020! Happy New Year, Marilyn! 🙂


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